The Show Must Go On: A Story of Dedication and Commitment


The old adage, “The show must go on,” is said to have originated in the 19th Century at the circus. If an animal were to get loose or performer were to be injured, it was the job of The Ring Master and other entertainers to keep the crowd at bay to avoid panic.

While The Wedding Industry isn’t exactly what we’d consider a “circus,” it certainly does allow room for error. Of course, there won’t be an escaped Tiger (unless of course you want a Tiger at your wedding, in which case, we know some people who can make that happen) or rogue clown, but things do go wrong. You may have planned an outdoor ceremony and suddenly it begins to rain. It’s very easy to fall into disappointment, anger, or even sadness, but the fact of the matter is, your wedding, much like a marriage, is amendable to change. A few bumps in the road are to be expected, it’s all about how they’re handled.

These “road bumps” are generally caused by one of two things–Mother Nature or Human Error. As a Bride and Groom, you have no control over Mother Nature. However, you should trust, that no matter what, your vendors will do everything in their power to ensure your special day goes on without a hitch. That’s something Silver Pro Entertainment really prides themselves on. We don’t take our jobs lightly. We understand that it’s our duty to contribute energy, excitement, and entertainment to some of the most important days of our client’s lives.

When we say we’re committed individuals, we mean it. This was never more apparent then when one of our long standing musicians, Eric Klein, of The Rhythm Shop, got into a car accident the evening prior to a wedding The Rhythm Shop was due to perform at the following day. He was driving with his wife when an individual ran a stop sign, hit his car, and flipped them over. He sustained cuts and bruises, as well as a fractured vertebrae. We are thankful that the damage was not more than that, but still recognize that his injuries were something that could have very well kept him bed ridden for the rest of the weekend, if not longer.




It would have been entirely understandable if Eric had called David, the leader of The Rhythm Shop, to say that he couldn’t make it to the wedding the following day. In that instance, we would have found a suitable substitute. We honor our word and if you are contracted for 5 vocalists, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

However, being the dedicated musician he is, he overcame the obstacle, showed up at the wedding the following day and performed as impeccably as ever, as all of our musicians do, each and every time they step on stage.

As I stated before, things go wrong–it’s simply a fact of life, but when dealing with people, much like Eric, who go above and beyond their duty as not only musicians but as humans, it’s makes that fact easier to handle.

We thank Eric and all of our musicians for the effort they put forth in making this company a beacon of the industry. We truly do believe that how we conduct ourselves and the passion in which we feel for our job, separates us from the rest.

We wish you all a happy and healthy weekend and to the brides and grooms who have us performing, congratulations!