• ‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly With The Groove Shop

    happy holidays

    The holiday season has finally arrived and despite the cold weather, Silver Pro Entertainment couldn’t be more thrilled to show off all sorts of seasonal specialties. This past Saturday, The Groove Shop played a corporate holiday party where the 4 lead singers were dressed in traditional caroler attire. They looked absolutely wonderful and their sound […]

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  • The Perfect After Party


    As you have seen in our other posts, here at Silver Pro Entertainment, there is nothing we can’t do. From invitationals to receptions we guarantee to cover all of your musical needs beautifully. Well, what happens when you want the fun to continue after the reception is over? The answer is: throw an after party. […]

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  • Budgeting Your Wedding 101: How To Make Every Penny Count

    Pipe & Drape (1)

    It’s no secret that weddings are expensive. Often time’s couples are forced to compromise what they truly want on their special day as a result of budgeting. Every bride and groom hopes to have a beautiful wedding but not at the cost of draining their savings (or the savings of whomever may be paying for […]

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  • How Our Bands Prepare For Your Special Event


    Any artist will tell you that in order to excel at their craft they must practice. Here at Silver Pro Entertainment we certainly advocate that belief to the fullest! The Rhythm Shop, The Groove Shop and The Party Shop practice here at our studio once a month. Not only does this give the band an […]

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  • How To Maximize Your Dance Time


    It is no secret that planning a wedding takes time. In fact, it can be said that the average wedding takes a year to plan. If we look at the figure on an hourly scale, that is 8,760 hours of planning for what will inevitably become 6 of the most important hours of your life (…I’ll […]

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  • Making Your Wedding Your Own


    If there’s anything Silver Pro Entertainment has learned about this industry, it’s that no two weddings are alike. Weddings can be likened to snowflakes, they may seem like they’re a dime-a-dozen but when looking closely there’s always that glimmer of uniqueness separating one from the rest. This past Saturday was a perfect example of that. […]

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  • Composing the Trend


    Silver Pro Entertainment is proud to announce the launch of our newest weekly blog! We are so thankful for our loyal clients and followers and have decided to show our appreciation by sharing exciting and helpful insights, tips and behind the scenes footage of all things Silver Pro Entertainment. Silver Pro Entertainment has been a […]

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