• The Party Shop

    It is both our duty and promise as a company to remain as current and polished as possible. With that, each year we love to provide new and exciting media for our clients! We are pleased to share with you The Party Shop’s latest footage. The following videos demonstrate the talent, versatility, electric presence, and […]

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  • The Perfect After Party


    As you have seen in our other posts, here at Silver Pro Entertainment, there is nothing we can’t do. From invitationals to receptions we guarantee to cover all of your musical needs beautifully. Well, what happens when you want the fun to continue after the reception is over? The answer is: throw an after party. […]

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  • Wedding Surprises


    We apologize for the delay in our weekly blog. With 5 weddings in one weekend it’s hard to choose which to share with you all! This past Saturday, October 4, 2014, The Groove Shop had the honor of playing the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Infantino. Their wedding was held at Tribeca Rooftop–a venue […]

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  • How Our Bands Prepare For Your Special Event


    Any artist will tell you that in order to excel at their craft they must practice. Here at Silver Pro Entertainment we certainly advocate that belief to the fullest! The Rhythm Shop, The Groove Shop and The Party Shop practice here at our studio once a month. Not only does this give the band an […]

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