How Our Bands Prepare For Your Special Event


Any artist will tell you that in order to excel at their craft they must practice. Here at Silver Pro Entertainment we certainly advocate that belief to the fullest! The Rhythm Shop, The Groove Shop and The Party Shop practice here at our studio once a month. Not only does this give the band an opportunity to perfect their sound, it also gives them a chance to learn the latest and greatest of today’s Top 40.

With new hits being released on the radio left and right, it’s important that our bands stay current. While we do very much enjoy playing tunes from generations past, we believe it is important to offer options for a younger crowd. Our monthly rehearsals also act as a means of building chemistry among our musicians. Some companies choose to assign whatever musicians are available on that day for a particular event, meaning the band at your wedding or party may be playing together for the first time right then and there.

Our bands have been playing together as a consecutive unit for years—at countless weddings and events. Our musicians know each other as well as they know their craft and that is one of the many reasons Silver Pro Entertainment stands out as beacon of this industry.

Additionally, at rehearsal the bands also take the time to learn any special requests from our brides and grooms. Despite out Master Song Lists being in excess of 30 pages long, there are times when a client requests something we haven’t played before. All of our bands take pride in seeing their music make a difference to the audience and with that, they enjoy learning special first dances, V.I.P. songs, and other party favorites per request.

When our bands walk into any wedding or event, we know the client’s musical tastes. We make sure to have an extensive list of: what songs we absolutely must play, what songs we absolutely shouldn’t play, what genres to focus on, what genres to avoid, the age range of the party, as well as, the first dance, parent dances, introduction of the wedding party, and all other special moments.

While we are very much so a company that promotes versatility of sound, we also understand that it’s important to please the client. With that being said, we will honor your requests but at the same time we will play for each and every person on the dance floor. Being targeted as a niche band is something The Groove Shop, The Rhythm Shop and The Party Shop have worked very hard to avoid.

Having been in this industry for nearly 60-years, we ask that you trust our musicianship, our advice, and our promise of excellence. We truly do know how to throw a fantastic event and the rate at which our bands practice and perform is a true testament to that.

Enjoy the rest of your week! We will be here, as always, entertaining the world one party at a time.;;;