Giving Tuesday with Silver Pro Entertainment

new milford

Often times our blog acts as a means of showing our viewers the joy and talent we bring to countless weddings and parties. Today, in lieu of the holidays, we wanted to share something that Silver Pro Entertainment did out of sheer generosity and kindness in the name of a good cause that has the potential to save lives and bring awareness both on a local and global level.

On December 2, 2014 Silver Pro Entertainment, donated a sound system to the Giving Tuesday event which was in memory of Alex Bridge, one of the young men who co-founded HYPELITE who tragically lost his life as a result of an accidental gun shot wound. The event was formed to bring community awareness to his legacy as well as the mission of the company:

“To inspire students to take charge of their future by cultivating their passion and creativity into successful life and business practices.”

The HYPELITE network: “HYPELITE aims to utilize partnerships with local school districts, small businesses, startups, nonprofit organizations and entrepreneurs, in order to provide a dynamic network of equally passionate mentors, internships, and other filed related opportunities for students.

Silver Pro Entertainment was proud to be one of those partnerships. The sound system provided was used in the performance of The Fossil Fuel Band.

Please head over to all of HYPELITE’s social media outlets to gain better insight about their cause!

Silver Pro Entertainment wishes you all a very Happy Holiday and encourages you all to be thankful for what you have!