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We’re reaching into the archives this week to talk about a very special event The Groove Shop played on November 8, 2014.

Anthony Mercun and Liz McKenna had a beautiful wedding held at The Venetian, a venue that our company frequents often. However, as we’ve stressed in previous blogs, no two weddings are ever alike, and this was no exception.

Liz, the bride, had purchased a beautiful wedding gown. This dress was so extravagant that the groom, Anthony, built the dress it’s very own closet so that it would lay properly (happy wife, happy life, right?).

The only trouble was that Anthony saw the gown prior to the wedding. As most of you know, that’s wedding taboo 101. Superstitious or not, Liz decided that she would surprise the groom and other guests by having a dress change after the first course of the reception. After the completion of all the honor dances, it was time for her second grand entrance.

With the help of The Groove Shop and the gorgeous architecture of The Venetian, Liz’s vision of her surprise was brought to life. She came out in the second dress traipsing down the lovely staircase in the reception room, accompanied by Stevie Wonder’s, “Isn’t She Lovely?” Which certainly is a perfect song for the occasion. The Groove Shop was thrilled to be a part of this special moment for Liz.

We stress that no request is too big or small. It’s your day and we wish to bring nothing but happiness (and terrific music) with us.

See Dress #1 Below:
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See Dress #2 Below:
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Here’s a bonus clip taken from our Instagram page (which you should most definitely follow) of The Groove Shop showing off their tremendous skills at the Mercun/McKenna Wedding.

"Motown Pilly", one of our favs. #thegrooveshop #composingthetrend

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Enjoy the rest of your week! We will be here, as always, entertaining the world one party at a time.

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